Sticker - Leo


Loving our Leos!

Leo sticker is perfect to use as a subtle reminder of your passion and your love for astrology. It's lovely, simple design will make you feel good about who you are and what you believe. This sticker is a perfect match for the astrologically minded person. You will be able to express yourself through your sticker. Add some fun to your life with our Leo Sticker. Perfect for displaying on your phone, laptop, or any other reflective surface.


  • WOW excellent Brand: Leo Sticker is design, print, cut, by WOW brand.
  • Quality material:  Leo Sticker is made of quality materials that are super durable and water-resistant, dishwasher safe and coated with a protective laminate to make them resistant to wind, rain, sunlight, and scratching.
  • Perfect for personalizing your belongings: Our Leo sticker is perfect to put on your personal item such as laptop, phone case, car, water bottle, window and other smooth surface or anywhere else you think it will look good! 
  • Easy to remove: This sticker is easy to remove without leaving residue and will not damage surfaces.
  • Great for a gift: Leo sticker can be used on all sorts of things. They are fun and playful! Perfect for a gift especially for astrological minded friends,