Sticker - I Shop Woman Owned Businesses


Tell your business to the World with our sticker!

This is an eye catching and attractive pink sticker with love symbol. Our sticker is designed to showcase your business's pride and passion. Perfect addition to any woman owned business! Fun way to support your favorite shop and spread awareness about the importance of buying from businesses owned by women. This pink sticker easily sticks to most surfaces.


  • WOW excellent Brand: Women Owned Business Sticker is design, print, cut, by WOW brand. We promote a woman-owned business with our sticker.
  • Quality material: Our Sticker - I Shop Woman Owned Businesses is made of quality materials that is super durable and water-resistant with a matte finish.
  • Perfect for personalizing your belongings: Our sticker is perfect to put on your personal item such as laptop, phone case, car, water bottle, window and other smooth surface or anywhere else you think it will look good! 
  • Easy to remove: This sticker is easy to remove without leaving residue and will not damage surfaces.
  • Great for a gift:  This colorful Sticker is perfect for a gift to your love ones most especially for any woman that is shopping or owns a business. The sticker will let her know that she is a hero to all women’s rights around the world.