Amanda Eckmann, co-owner of White’s Mercantile, loves the NuLu neighborhood! “The community is AMAZING,” says Amanda. “It’s hands down the best place to be!” Perhaps the reason White’s Mercantile fits in so well amongst the big city vibes of NuLu is because the high-end general store’s roots are in the energetic and vibrant city of Nashville. 

“I moved to Louisville in 2018 from Nashville (where our flagship is located) and was determined that Louisville needed a White's Mercantile, so Holly and I partnered to bring this store to NuLu,” says Amanda, referencing her co-owner, Holly Williams. “Overall, Holly started this store as she traveled the world touring for music and found all kinds of products that she loved but couldn't get in Nashville, so she decided to curate a general store for the modern day tastemaker.”

So what exactly will you find at the modern day general store? A little bit of everything! At White’s you’ll find products like home decor and kitchenware as well as clothing and accessories (and everything in between)!  “We want to create a nostalgic retail experience inspired by the original general store’s purpose to fully serve the needs of the community with a beautiful interior full of our favorite finds and discoveries from the world, at a variety of price points,” Amanda says. “A place where there is truly something for everyone - a place that feels really, really good when you walk into it.”

With over 300 vendors supplying White’s Mercantile with high quality, unique products, there truly is something for everyone. From fun knick knacks to high-end gifts, you’ll always find something you love at White’s. “We know most of our customers and love them, and we strive to provide a calm, nostalgic shopping experience!” Amanda says.

That nostalgic and welcoming shopping experience originates from the wonderful tradition of southern hospitality that customers can feel throughout the store. “Another GREAT little shop in NuLu,” wrote one local shopper on Yelp. “The staff was nice and the store is just lovely. So many great little finds local to the area. Perfect addition to our city.”

White’s Mercantile is definitely right at-home in NuLu with our other favorite woman-owned businesses! If you’re looking to shop White’s wonderful, curated finds, their updated shopping hours are 11-5 Monday-Saturday and Sundays 12-5.