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Six Sisters Boutique

Katie Meinhart with Six Sisters Boutique is taking the phrase “strength in sisterhood” to the next level! “The name comes from the most awesome family ever,” Kate says. “As one of six sisters born and raised in Louisville, KY by two amazing parents, I've become the woman I am today because of my five sisters. The store reflects our personalities, our city and of course our fashion and style.”

Those six beautiful personalities came together to inspire an incredible boutique where you can find stylish yet affordable clothing, accessories, shoes, home decor, and more! “We go the extra mile to make sure that while looks are still on trend, they are also functional for strong, independent women no matter where life takes them,” Kate says. “Beauty shouldn't be pain, and clothes should feel good. That's something we truly believe in!”

That belief in her business has taken Kate far! Six Sisters began in 2017 and has quickly blossomed into a thriving and beloved boutique that even earned a mention in the New York Times’ Kentucky Derby-themed article, “Five Places to Go in Louisville.” 

Despite Kate’s success, she has never allowed Six Sisters to lose the feeling of family and home that inspired the boutique. “My oldest niece is 15 and my youngest niece is 7 and showing them what can be built and sustained, what they can do and be proud of, is something that keeps me going each day,” Kate says. “I love having them in the store to greet customers or help ticket items. It keeps us honest and humble.”

That family-owned business vibe is a perfect fit for the NuLu Neighborhood. “Myself, along with the input of my five sisters and my wonderful staff, love to bring great fashion, accessories and fun gifts to the city of Louisville and create a shopping experience that NuLu has truly been missing,” Kate says. 

Six Sisters truly is a shopping experience that goes beyond a regular boutique. "Everyday I tell people that we get to shop and play dress up for our jobs; and what could be better than that?” Kate says. “We thrive on a community of women who support women. And while we have loving men as our biggest cheerleaders, it's the community of women we greet every day at Six Sisters Boutique that makes this journey worth the ride!”

While that shopping experience may be a bit different in the time of COVID, Six Sisters is still open for business online and offering free shipping with code LUCKY6. Despite her plans for Six Sisters being temporarily put on hold due to the pandemic, Kate is staying positive! “I hope you find yourself feeling at home at Six Sisters and throughout the NULU area,” Kate says. “Everyone here at Six Sisters can't wait to show both locals and visitors alike how much fun shopping truly can be. Cheers to shopping local in Louisville!!”