For a lot of women (and men), shopping for jeans might evoke a sense of….well, you know, bitter, unending dread. But Lisa Kahl-Hillerich, owner of RoxyNell Jeans, has found a way to take the anxiety out of the jean shopping experience! “We listen to our customer and get to know them,” Lisa says. “We spend a lot of time understanding what they want in a pair of jeans and other items to complement them.” So, what does it mean for the designer to “understand” the customer? We have three words for you: custom...tailored...jeans. Now doesn’t that just sound heavenly?

Let’s face it: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants isn’t real. There is no “one-size-fits-all” pair of jeans. So why are we all trying to fit into the same pair? At RoxyNell, your jeans are designed to fit you (and only you)! RoxyNell offers custom-tailored jeans in classic styles that you’re sure to love. “We hand pick our denim for the best quality, and we have a great tailor who makes a great product,” Lisa says. “We have wonderful designs and tweak them to make our customers look awesome in their jeans.” 

And when Lisa guarantees her customers will look “awesome” in their jeans, she means all of her customers. “We have a customer that would never wear jeans because she thought she was too large and would never fit in them,” Lisa says. “She is so beautiful and has a great eye for fashion. I told her we could make her some awesome jeans, and she would look fantastic.  She has 5 pair of RoxyNells now! I love to see people's eyes light up when they try their jeans on and see how great they look!”

Once you have your perfect pair of jeans tailored to perfectly fit your perfect body, you can peruse RoxyNell’s selection of carefully curated tops, shirts, and accessories. Melissa’s mission is “to offer each individual an authentic look unique to their style and personality,” and with her selection of clothing, you can leave RoxyNell with a whole new outfit that’s uniquely you!

If you need another reason to check out RoxyNell, here’s a great one: all of their denim is sourced exclusively from denim companies in the U.S. and their jeans are made here as well! “It is important to us to be close to who is creating the denim fabric, developing the designs and making the actual jeans,” Melissa says. 

While RoxyNell is currently closed (it’s difficult to custom-tailor jeans while social distancing), you can still show your support for an incredible, woman-owned business by following them on social media, leaving reviews for their products, or by purchasing a gift card.