Now more than ever, self care is incredibly important, and we all know one of the best forms of self care is lighting your favorite scented candle and moisturizing with a luscious lotion! Luckily for us, Maddox & Rose Marketplace has everything we need to make our own custom lotions, soaps, candles, and more! From “old books” to “banana brulee,” chances are Maddox & Rose has your favorite scent, and the best part is that you get to make it yourself! Part of what makes Maddox & Rose’s products so special is that customers have the ability to create their own custom products, designed to fit their style. 

That creativity and ingenuity is at the heart of Maddox & Rose’s business. “We have passion for design and creativity, and we got the opportunity to open two businesses that allow us to do that in a fun environment,” says Maddox & Rose co-owner, Jamie Tronzo. Maddox & Rose Marketplace and its corresponding Maddox & Rose design agency are co-owned by Jamie and her business partner, Leigh Robinson— two incredible women entrepreneurs! “We love to create fun experiences, bring people together, and help you make the best memories,” Jamie says. 

Whether that fun experience is a custom candle pouring session for yourself or creating a custom blend for an upcoming event, Maddox & Rose is happy to help! “We love to bring our custom products to you,” Jamie says. “We got to set up a mobile marketplace for a wedding happy hour and it was a blast!”

Maddox & Rose is currently operating on a reservation only basis due to COVID precautions, but you can easily book a reservation to create your own custom blend through their website. “We provide a fun and safe environment and continue to offer new things to do,” Jamie says.

To stay up-to-date on their latest offerings, follow Maddox & Rose on Facebook and Instagram, @ maddoxandrosemarketplace.