Face Mask-Talking Out of Turn


Sizing: Our original masks are petite and fit nice and snug. Most of the masks we tried on or found available were really big, so we went with a size that we consider to be "small." Based on the shape of our mask, the measurement for the top of the mask is wider than the bottom of the mask. It helps the mask better fit the shape of your face! We have now introduced a MEDIUM size as well, make sure to select the size that will best accommodate your face structure and if you are unsure, go for the MEDIUM! 

Small: 4" W (bottom) / 5.25" W (top) x 5.25" H

Medium: 5.5" W (bottom) / 7.25" W (top) x 6" H

Material: Made of microfiber, nice and soft. Launders like a dream, machine wash and dry, no problem. Beach Wash Denim and French Wash Denim are 100% Cotton with serged edges.

Note: These masks do NOT have a pocket or filter liner.