S2, E10 | Feast vs. Famine with Melissa Blandford

We’ve all experienced those feast or famine months. You know how it goes– one month you’re experiencing all the money struggles at once, the next you get a little extra cash and feel on top of the world. If that sounds familiar, this is the episode for you! Tune in as everyone’s favorite Money Mindset Coach, Melissa Blandford, discusses how to balance out those months to minimize stress and actually enjoy the fruits of your labor.
May 05, 2022 — Amanda Dougherty

S2, E9 | Showing Up Unapologetically with Lauren Muir

Are you ready to start showing up for yourself and your life? Lauren Muir co-founded the Show Up Movement to help you do just that! Lauren is a therapist, speaker, and grant writer who is co-owner of Martin and Muir Counseling and the co-founder of the Show Up Movement. Tune in to hear Amanda and Lauren discuss the importance of caring for your mental health, finding your passion, and stepping up at the right moments.

S2, E8 | Making Simple Money with Melissa Blandford

Are you one of those people who just isn’t good with money? We get it! Money can seem really difficult. But Money Mindset Coach Melissa has some wisdom to drop on you: just because money isn’t easy, doesn’t mean it can’t be simple. Yep, you read that right! Tune in to hear Amanda and Melissa discuss how to release the pressure valve and make your money journey less difficult. 

S2, E7 | Tip Your Content Creators with Amanda Dawn

Who said you can’t have two pretty best friends? Longtime besties Amanda Dare and Amanda Dawn discuss establishing their careers as artists, building their brands, and switching tax brackets. Amanda Dawn, also known as Jedimanda, is a published author, professional cosplayer, content creator, and the Marketing Communications Coordinator for the Speed Art Museum in Louisville, KY.