Corinne Katlyn Designs

Corinne Katlyn Designs was whipped up with a sprinkle of inspiration and a dash of creativity in 2020 in the Northeast Ohio area. Corinne Katlyn Designs offers relatable and expressive vinyl stickers for customers’ personal belongings as well as stationery products: notepads, greeting cards, keychains, and pins. The studio was founded by Corrine Martin in 2020 and is based in Warren, Ohio. 
December 05, 2022 — Amanda Dougherty

Whitney's Social

Whitney's Social is a full service team handling all things social media from strategy & content creation to engagement.The business was founded by Whitney Zamiar in 2019 and is based in Louisville, Ky.  
September 30, 2022 — Amanda Dougherty

I Am The Evergreen

 I Am The Evergreen began 3 years ago as a basic Instagram page to share art work! Within a year I realized I was passionate about functional and wearable art! I believe what helps my business stand out from others is that each item I paint or create is an original piece of art. No two items or pieces are identical and each is unique! The studio was founded by Vanessa Munoz and is based in Louisville, Kentucky. 
September 30, 2022 — Amanda Dougherty

Sub SupportHer

Sub SupportHer empowers women to work smarter, not harder with a focus on actionable steps and strategies to implement that move your business forward. The business was founded by Laura Kockler and is based in Illinois.

Metal Marvels

Metal Marvels creates products designed to empower people to be themselves apologetically, to give the finger to societal norms, and to stand up for what they believe in. And to tell them it’s okay to curse, because “ladylike” is fucking stupid. Metal Marvels was founded by Katie Seller in 2012 and is based in Las Vegas, NV.
July 05, 2022 — Amanda Dougherty

Made Stitch Company

Made Stitch Company is a sewing studio offering classes and workshops for all skill levels. We meet students where they are and create a curriculum designed to enhance skills with each sewing project. Made Stitch Co. was founded by Lyndsey Stanfill in July of 2022 and is based in Louisville, KY. 

Pretty Peptalks

Pretty Peptalks is a letterpress stationery brand. We believe, in this highly digital age, that taking the time out to select and send a handwritten card says a lot. Which is why we’re fond of giving and receiving a proper note. Whether you’re sending out invitations to your next party, saying thank you for a thoughtful present, congratulating a friend on her most recent achievement, or pumping someone up with a pep talk, our stationery is the perfect way to show you care. Pretty Peptalks was founded by KJ Blattenbauer and is based in Dallas, Texas.
June 22, 2022 — Amanda Dougherty

F.L.Y. Girl Candles

FLY Girl Candles creates quality soy wax candles that burn slow and last up to 60 hours! Each candle is sprinkled with dried herbs & florals making them look as good as they smell. FLY Girl Candles was founded by Dierdre Barnes in 2019 and is based in Louisville, Ky. 
June 22, 2022 — Amanda Dougherty

fbombs & booze

Fbombs & Booze has been in business for 6 years. We make drink ware for the woman that cusses, drinks too much, enjoys a nightly drink, and has zero fucks left to give.

madkind design

Madkind Design Studio is a vibrant brand development studio that specializes in kickass creative solutions for food, beverage, and lifestyle brands. We help you craft a damn good story for your brand through branding, web design, print + digital design, and packaging design.